How to Make Him Fall in Love With You – Intimate Tips For Making Love

Making love is a very intimate experience. It requires mutual gratification and is usually done in a monogamous relationship where the two parties are emotionally attached to each other. Making love is also different from having sex, where there isn’t necessarily any emotional attachment. Having sex can happen with anyone, while making love is done with one’s partner or spouse.

When a man says that he wants to make love to you, he means more than just sexual intimacy. He wants to bond with you, which can be a wonderful feeling for both of you. He will take the time to caress and stroke your body, letting you know how much he loves you. He will also talk softly and gently to you, which can be extremely romantic and exciting. He may even smother you with kisses as part of foreplay or during the act.

If a man is really trying to make love with you, he will focus on your pleasure and your needs during the act. He won’t glance at the clock or out the window during sex. He will try new things and experiment to find out what pleases you. He might even make you laugh or say silly things during sex. This is all a sign that he values you and genuinely wants to give you everything he has.

During orgasm, you will feel like you are not yourself anymore. You are almost on a different plane, and it is truly a transcendent experience. That is why Freud called it the little death. It is almost like a little death because you are no longer Jane or Susan, but someone else entirely.

A good way to get him excited and aroused is by stroking the head of his penis. This can be extremely pleasurable for him and is something that he will look forward to during the act. If he’s comfortable with it, you can stroke his mouth or his belly button as well. You can even tie him up to show that you have control, which is another thing that will get him excited.

A good tip for making love is to use lubricant and apply it liberally. Rub it into your hands and palms to add an extra sensual element to the act. You can also use it to massage his head and face. Stroke his ears and nose with your fingers as well to increase the arousal. You can even make him lick his lips with the same lubricant, which will be extremely pleasing for him. In the end, don’t be afraid to push him out of his comfort zone and go all the way. He will thank you for it. In fact, he’ll probably want to make love with you again. Just don’t push him too hard or you might kill the mood. The point of making love is to connect with him, not to hurt him. The more he feels connected to you, the better.