Making Love Made Simple by Becoming Intimate With Your Partner

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Making Love Made Simple by Becoming Intimate With Your Partner

Making love has many connotations for both the man and the woman making love. As depicted in, Teen Health Source, intercourse or sex means many different things to many different people, but one thing is certain, that is it is a natural and healthy activity enjoyed by many people regardless of culture or country. According to Teen Health Source there is much evidence that shows that making love as a relationship progresses can actually have health benefits for the couple involved. Here is what Teen Health Source has to say about the topic.

“There are many ways that making love can affect your physical and emotional connection. Sex is not always a physical connection. It can be an emotional connection. Not every intimate relationship is based on physical intimacy, just like not every kiss is based on a physical connection.”

Teen Health Source continues, “So it’s very important that you make love one week at a time and that you take your time. If you rush into it then you may end up with a resentment because it isn’t being shared as much as it should be. Plus you are missing out on an experience that you could be having with someone else.” Although there are many other factors to take into consideration when it comes to making love, having sexual experiences with another person should definitely not be rushed into. The Teen Health Source advice below will give you some sound advice for making love the safe way…

Lovemaking Made Simple by Becoming Intimate with Your Partner. “Making love is not something that you should rush into. You should slowly develop an emotional and physical connection with the person you are making love with and then take it from there.” Teen Health Source states ” Romance is all about developing feelings involved with another person. This does not mean you are going to have a committed relationship when you make love but it does mean that feelings involved during those times are much different than feelings involved when making love in a more casual setting.”

Making Love Made Simple by Becoming Intimate with Your Partner. ” Romance isn’t always about lust and sex. It can be about feelings and sharing.” Teen Health Source continues, “The more comfortable you are feeling with the other person, the more likely it is that you will create intimacy and a deeper connection.”

Lovemaking Made Simple by Becoming Intimate with Your Partner. “When making love you need to take your time. The more time you take the less stress you will feel and the better you will connect with each other. Intimacy doesn’t have to involve intercourse. In fact sex can be a wonderful way to increase intimacy without creating a sexual or erotic environment.” Teen Health Source continues, “Spending time with your partner creates a deep connection which is what you want.”