Types of Disposable Plastic Bottles

A bottle is an inexpensive plastic bottle generally made of a polystyrene material with an open-mouth design in different shapes and sizes designed to store and transport liquid directly from the bottle to the customer. There are several types of bottles including snap-on, screw-top, fizzy drink, water bottle, and bottled juice. Many bottles have built-in spill-proof cap locks and other useful features. Most of the leading brands offer a complete line of personal, business, and baby bottle products.


Plastic bottles are the most common packaging materials. They can be made of different plastic-type materials including but not limited to: polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polycarbonate, glass, and polymer. Each of these plastic-type materials have distinct properties. However, all bottles are manufactured in one of two ways: either through injection molding, where plastic pellets are fed into molds, cooled, hardened, and poured into the desired shapes, or through direct injection, where the bottles are filled with liquid-filled injectors that force the melted plastic into each other.

The bottle industry is a billion-dollar a year market. Bottles are used for a variety of purposes such as beverage storage, beverage transportation, and as a novelty item. However, there is a wide variety of disposable plastic bottles available in the market today. The disposable plastic water bottles vary in price depending on the size of the bottle, its brand, and its contents. Some of the most popular brands in the market include:

English Pounds – These are one of the world’s most famous bottle made in England. The English Pound is divided into three parts: theington, the smale, and the wesdale. The majority of the English Pound is made up of the wesdale part which contains one shilling, and the remainder being made up of various other substances including lead, wheat, and oats. The bottle made from the English pound is a very durable and reliable article. The downside is that it is relatively expensive compared to most other bottle brands.

French Pounds – These are probably the most common types of bottle brands in the market today. It was during the late 19th century that the French discovered the process of Plastic manufacture. At this time, the bottles were widely used as food and beverage carriers in Europe. The process of Plastic manufacture allowed manufacturers in France to mass-produce their products in huge quantities. Today, French Polycarbonate bottles are the most preferred types of hot water bottles. They are also reliable and long lasting compared to other types of bottles.

Glass Water Bottles – These are among the latest water bottle options available in the market. Today, they are preferred by people because it is easy to use, hygienic, and safe to use. Compared to other popular materials such as plastic, glass offers superior leak protection, durability, and safety. There are many styles and designs available in a wide range of colors to suit the tastes and preferences of different individuals.