Endorphina sees Bitcoin as the key to improved online gambling Endorphina

Fresh on the Bitcoin gaming scene is Endorphina, an online gambling content provider that is currently working on a special project aimed at showing recognition to the Bitcoin community. This company offers high quality games that are now stored by Coingaming.io brands on Bitcasino.io .

CoinPoint correspondent spoke with Jan Urbanec, head of sales at Endorphina, to learn more about the company’s position on the Bitcoin casino market and plans to run it in the digital currency and iGaming industry.

Jan UrbanecHow did you stumble upon Bitcoin?

In Endorphina, knowledge of Bitcoin is usually pretty good, although it’s just the basics, but everyone in the igaming industry usually knows about it.

For me personally, it was a forum discussion about building a self-sufficient online poker network so players aren’t punished with a big rake. After a while, we came to the conclusion that we need to be independent of payment processors to build our own network, and then someone mentioned Bitcoin. After reading the concept of blockchain and decentralization options, they sold on the idea. From that day on, I always try to push the Bitcoin idea whenever I could, and luckily for Endorphina it was very possible.

How would you describe the relationship between your business and cryptocurrency?

For us, Bitcoin is a helper. Because Endorphina is a B2B business, we can organize invoices more efficiently. The global nature of Bitcoin allows us not to get lost in the foreign exchange transactions that sometimes arise in our industry.

Of great importance to us is the ability to determine exactly how much a player has won in our game, pass this information on to our client, and then enter it into an account and then into the accounting – without ever having to.

Bitcoin is a tool that gives our customers and our company the freedom to flow seamlessly.

What is the main purpose or role of Endorphina within the Bitcoin ecosystem?

Since we’re in the entertainment industry, we need to show that Endorphina, like a real entertainer, knows no barriers to having fun with people. Our role is small and perhaps not critical to the success of Bitcoin, but it is certainly important to validate the existence of Bitcoin for players.

Because our company is young, our goal at this point is to recognize Endorphina based on people’s toys. And I think the defining moment of our company’s growth was the presence we held at ICE Totally Gaming this year. As a result, our name is now ringing and we can finally show our customers and players the true value our product has to offer.

How does it positively impact global promotion and Bitcoin launch?

Definitely adoption. Igaming customers now have access to services such as instant deposit and, more importantly, instant withdrawal, thanks to brands like bitcasino.io. This was never an option on fiat payment processors.

Do you have a review of Bitcoin Gambling ?

Naturally. Simply put, this is what the igaming industry should look like. The fewer barriers you put in between players and providers, the easier it is to interact. It goes both ways.

What are the main challenges you face for this industry and business to advance the cause ??

The perception is that igaming is a toxic industry and not safe for players. Do you know the difference between playing in Vegas and the comfort of home? Only in one place does the pitboss kick out the game of Blackjack by trying to gain an advantage.

QuoteNow that Endorphina is part of the Bitcoin gaming industry, how would it characterize the Bitcoin economy right now?

Not good enough. It’s simple. Everyone wants to be an innovator and the next entrepreneur to find the hole in the market. But for me, the biggest result will be if someone provides a truly reliable and trustworthy service that will last.

How do you see Bitcoin stabilizing over the next five years?

As mentioned in the previous answer, many fail, but those that endure the five-year period gain general recognition and thus validation. Bitcoin price stability reflects how many businesses become the dominant benchmark.

Can you say for sure that you have reached the Bitcoin prediction ??

I don’t like speculation about the price of Bitcoin. But I’ll give you a popular one – imagine that 1 Bitcoin will be $ 10,000 in five years. What do you tell us about Bitcoin? But more importantly, what do you tell us about the USD? What will be the real purchasing power? We cannot determine this from simple numbers without context.

Interesting. On the other hand, do you think altcoins or Bitcoin 2.0 technology will be beneficial for the future of Bitcoin ??

Personally, I see altcoins as irrelevant to value transfer. They are the carriers of innovation, but never the real actors.

Returning to Endorphina, what are your plans? Is it expanding or are there similar projects in the works?

To continue to provide great games to our players and to provide a flawless service to our customers. Expansion is the name of the game. We have no plans to spread thin and improper resources into other projects. Focus is paramount and we don’t lose it.

What advice can you give to thousands of Bitcoin fans, especially new users? How about entrepreneurs?

Behave like customers. Spend Bitcoino, use it in maximum areas of your life. The dollar has become a dominant currency worldwide thanks to spending, not accumulation. And if you want to become a successful Bitcoin business, you need to encourage it.