Having and Making Love – What’s the Difference?

Whether you’re an old soul who prefers making love to having sex, or you’re the type of person who just wants a lot of fucking and not much cuddling, it’s important that you talk openly with your partner about what you like to do in bed. It’s a vital part of a healthy sexual relationship. Having an open communication channel with your partner can prevent sexual frustration and help you enjoy the sexual pleasures that come with making love as well as having sex.

While making love provides feelings that are incredibly based on how your mind and body feel, having sex is often directed towards only the physical. It can be easy to confuse the two, but if you balance them both out, you’ll find that both can provide a deep sense of sexual satisfaction and are crucial in maintaining a healthy love life within your relationship.

During making love, you and your partner can slow down the pace of sexual activity, which allows you to explore each other’s bodies and touch them in a way that is deeply sensual and satisfying. You can take your time to savor each moment of pleasure and focus on connecting to the emotional aspect of sex. During this time, you can also use intimate conversation built on the basis of your shared passion and love for each other to further enhance your connection in bed.

When you’re having sex, the connection between you and your partner is often focused solely on the physical. The intimate exchanges of arousal that occur during this type of intercourse can still be pleasurable, but they’re usually not as intense or euphoric as the sexual intimacy that occurs during making love. It’s also common for people who are having sex to not share kisses, caresses, or words of affection after the sexual act is over and don’t typically continue to discuss topics unrelated to their bond as partners.

Making love and having sex are both vital parts of a healthy sexual relationship, and you can do both as often as feels right for you. However, there are some important differences between the two. The key is to communicate what you want in bed with your partner so that you can both have a happy, healthy sexual experience that’s as fulfilling as possible.

Remember to pay attention to the details of your sexual encounters with your partner. For example, if he moves a pillow out of the way or asks for a certain position that makes you feel more alive and passionate during sex, these are signs that he’s enjoying your company in bed. Also pay close attention to his facial expressions and body language during sex, as these are also important signals that your partnership is enjoyable. And of course, never forget the power of foreplay. Spending time kissing, whispering sweet nothings, and switching positions during sex can be some of the best ways to keep things fresh and exciting.