How to Make Love – Intimacy and Romance in a Relationship

If you’re in a committed relationship, or at least in the early stages of one, you may wonder how to make love to your partner. It can be a difficult skill to learn, but one that’s a huge part of building intimacy and romance in your relationship. The first step is to understand the difference between making love and having sex.

Having sex is an activity that takes place during sexual intimacy, but it’s more about gratification and pleasure than a deeper emotional connection. It’s not to say that having sex isn’t a great way to bond and connect, but it is a more superficial experience than making love.

Many people have had sex with someone they don’t have romantic feelings for before — whether it’s a one night stand or a hook-up with a friend with benefits. These types of encounters are centered around the stimulation and response from the nervous system, but they lack the intimacy and passion that comes from making love to a loved one.

There are a few things that can distinguish sex from making love, and the biggest factor is commitment. Being in a committed relationship with your lover definitely qualifies as making love because it means you have a shared emotional connection and are on the same mental and physical wavelength. It’s also important to know that you both have similar expectations and interests in regards to sex.

In order to make love, you need to give your partner your undivided attention, which is why it’s a good idea to create an intimate setting for your sex session. This could include lighting candles, playing soft music, or just having the two of you alone in bed without any distractions. It’s also helpful to know your partner’s specific sensitivities, which is why it’s often a good idea to start with foreplay like stroking or kissing.

You can even take this time to express your feelings to your partner. Pouring your heart out to her and telling her how much you love and appreciate her is a great way to set the mood before sex.

Once you’re in the zone, it’s a good idea to focus on connecting and pleasure rather than trying to get him or her to have orgasms. This is a big part of what sets making love apart from having sex, and it will also take the pressure off of both of you to get intense orgasms. In fact, the more you focus on pleasure and connecting with your partner, the more likely he or she will end up orgasming anyway.

It’s a cliche that men pass out after sex, but women can often fall asleep right after as well. This is due to the release of oxytocin, serotonin, and norepinephrine, all hormones that help to relax the body and mind and prepare it for sleep. This is why positions like the missionary position, coital alignment technique (CAT), and spooning positions are perfect for lovemaking.