How to Make Love Last

A lot of people use the term making love to talk about sex in a way that feels more intimate and less crass than merely saying sex. But while sex is part of loving someone, making love actually refers to the process of building emotional intimacy that can then be channeled into physical intimacy. In order to make love last, you and your partner need to be able to work together to achieve all the emotional needs that you both have in your relationship. To learn how to do this, start by learning what the differences are between having sex and making love.

A man who enjoys making love will show it. He’ll take risks in bed, experiment, be playful and let his imagination run wild. He’ll thrust deep and cradle you in his arms. He’ll kiss you passionately and kiss you a lot. He’ll talk to you and tell you how much he loves you. He’ll share details of his dreams and plans with you, and he’ll listen to yours as well. He won’t act embarrassed or shy around you. He’ll be fully present with you, engaged and on fire with both physical and emotional desire.

He’ll look at you during sex and speak directly to your face. He’ll be open and expressive with you, even if it’s just pillow talk after sex. He may make you laugh during sex. This is not only a sign of his enjoyment, but it also shows that he values and cares about the intimacy you have together.

If he doesn’t seem to look at you during sex, it could be a sign that he’s not as into you as you are into him. It’s possible he is nervous or that he has guilty feelings about his actions. However, he should never avert his eyes from you during sexual activity for any reason, as this can be a red flag that something is wrong in the relationship.

You can also ask him questions and communicate your feelings to him during sex. If he listens and responds to you, this is another good indicator that he is enjoying making love with you. If he gets bored or starts talking about something else, this can be a sign that he doesn’t care as deeply as you do and wants to move on.

The best way to know if your partner is truly into you is by observing his behavior outside of the bedroom. If he treats you well and respects your boundaries, then he will likely treat you the same in the bedroom. In addition, he should be able to compromise and give in to some of your desires during sexual intimacy. This will help you develop a deeper emotional connection and create an unforgettable experience together. This will also help you build trust in the relationship, which is essential for sex that’s filled with passion. To make love last, you and your partner must be able to trust each other.