How to Tell If He’s Into You – The Signs of Making Love

Having sex can be a great experience that allows two people to connect physically, release endorphins and burn calories. But making love is so much more than just sex. It’s about the deeper emotional connection and intimate touch of a romantic nature. It is also about the passion and tenderness of a loving relationship that makes the difference between hooking up and making love.

One of the biggest signs that he wants to make love to you is when he is patient during intimacy, not rushing things. He knows that the more intimate he is with you, the more intense the pleasure will be for both of you. He also takes his time in stroking and kissing your body, and he enjoys giving you pleasure — even if it isn’t necessarily all the way orgasmic. He treats you like a princess and makes you feel safe in his arms.

In the beginning stages of a romantic relationship, it may take some time for him to open up and give you the sex you desire. But when he does, it’s usually clear that he’s into you and not just the physical attraction. He will often initiate intimacy with a lingering look, gentle touch or verbalize his feelings. He will often say things like, “I can’t wait to get to know you better” or “I feel like my heart is exploding”.

While he may be able to fulfill his own sexual desires, he’s not selfish during this intimate time and wants to please you erotically and emotionally as well. He’ll show you that he cares about every part of your body, including the places that are more private and that might be difficult to reach. He loves you wholeheartedly and wants to please you in every way.

Another sign of him wanting to make love to you is when he takes his time in the bedroom, focusing on foreplay and building up an intimate atmosphere before getting down to business. He’ll show you that he respects your boundaries and wants to take his time to find the most sensual position for you. He’ll also spend a lot of time talking to you about how you want to be made love to, which is an act of trust and respect.

A final sign of a man that wants to make love to you is when sex becomes something he looks forward to. He will talk about how he wants to have sex with you in the future and will plan ways to keep your sexual pleasure alive and well. This shows that he doesn’t just see you as an object for his libido, but rather as a person whom he has feelings for. Having sex isn’t just for recreation and for physical stimulation, but it can actually boost your immune system, help you sleep better, relieve stress and increase levels of antibodies that fight illness. So, if you’re not already, start planning how you can have sex more regularly!