How to Tell If Your Partner is in Love-Making Mode Or Just Sexy For a Quickie

Whether it’s a slow and sensual massage or a passionate kiss, making love involves more than just a physical connection. It requires an emotional bond that can lead to a deeper level of intimacy in a relationship. While some couples may have experiences that land somewhere in between sex and making love, if there’s no emotion or connection, it’s usually just sex.

The best way to know if your partner is in love-making mode or just in sex for a quickie is through eye contact. During love making, couples typically hold direct eye contact and take their time to connect on several levels. This is one of the keys to a long-lasting, deep relationship.

It’s also important to communicate what you like during a love making session. Some couples prefer more sensual, anal sex while others enjoy oral sex. During a lovemaking session, you may talk about your day or kiss each other before getting into bed, which is a clear sign that your partner wants to make love with you.

For example, if he makes a point to put on his favorite cologne or deodorant, this is a great indication that he wants to please you. He may also fondle you or stroke your face, which can be an emotional cue that he wants to forge a deeper bond. In addition, he may ask to explore you in different positions, such as missionary or cowgirl. If he wants to experience orgasm, that’s a good sign as well.

He might even ask you for feedback during a love making session and ask if you’re feeling pleasured or if he can do anything to make you more happy. This shows that he’s considering your needs as well as his own, which is another key to a fulfilling love life.

Ultimately, love making is all about the emotional connection and pleasure that you feel with your partner. If you can both orgasm during a love making session, that’s a good sign as this indicates that you’re connected on many levels and that you’re enjoying each other’s company.

Some people have a difficult time distinguishing between sex and making love, especially when it comes to foreplay. For instance, some men might be more interested in sex than they are in making love, which can cause confusion and misunderstandings. However, if you’re not able to distinguish between the two, you can still have a fulfilling love life by making sure that your relationship is based on mutually satisfying experiences. Regardless of what you call it, a true love relationship offers many benefits such as emotional closeness, stress relief, and improved mood. Consensual, responsible intimacy accompanied by open communication about boundaries and safe practices can help you avoid problems such as unintended pregnancies or sexually transmitted infections.