Is Love Making Only Emotional?

Making love may be a very common term but the meaning has changed quite a bit over the years. Now, making love is just another way of saying ‘has sex’. Although there’s always an implication that making love actually involves some kind of sexual activity, that isn’t necessarily true. However, when two individuals make love, that is seen by sex and relationships coach as an expression of affection between them.

making love

Making love is actually an intimate act between two adults that starts out as a physical connection. This can involve kissing, touching, foreplay, sex, oral sex, and even one-on-one intercourse. The point is to take the time to truly come together as one person, becoming one flesh and one spirit.

Making love is for both partners to connect with each other on a level that is greater than what words can express. It takes a lot of communication skills to achieve this connection, and it is often best that the communication is between the two partners. The physical needs of one another must be fulfilled in order for true, lasting intimacy to occur. There is no single partner that can fulfill all of a partner’s physical needs. Therefore, a great deal of patience and understanding is needed.

One of the most common misconceptions of making love that both partners can overcome is the misconception that it can only take place in a one-night, one-time relationship. Although it certainly can take place that way, it doesn’t require a long-term relationship for the emotional bonds to develop and the feelings involved to truly grow and deepen. In fact, feelings involved during a casual affair are even more intense because there isn’t any physical intimacy to speak of; thus, much more passion and intensity is generated between the two lovers. The passion generated during lovemaking can be very powerful, and can lead to intense, lifelong relationships that will stay with the couple for the rest of their lives.

Because lovemaking can take place in a casual, sexual manner, there isn’t necessarily a particular “ritual” involved. Many people believe that there is some kind of ritual involved in making love that is intended to create intimacy, or bring two lovers closer to one another. There is nothing really special about the actual sexual intercourse that creates the bond between two lovers, nor is there anything special or exclusive that only occurs during this time. Lovemaking is an emotional experience for both people involved, and has nothing to do with physical or “ritual” intimacy.

People commonly confuse love making with sex, and this could lead to a great deal of pain between the two lovers if this is not dealt with at the proper time. Love making is a natural, wonderful, gift that each person gives and receives. It is not something that should be punished for a mistake one might have made in the past. It is okay to experience feelings of intimacy with one another during certain times of the month or year, but it is important to remember that these feelings are never inappropriate or harmful to one another.