Is Your Man Making Love?

making love

When it comes to love making, we often think of moments of sexy passionate kissing, slow caresses and a lot of foreplay that gets our heart racing. While all of these things are very important and can make the experience of sex much more exciting, there is so much more to love making than that. It can also include cuddling, embracing and even talking about the experience after it is over. It is all part of the process of connecting on a deeper level with our partners while still experiencing sexual pleasure.

When we are in love, we want to feel that connection throughout all aspects of our relationship, including the bedroom. This can be a challenge, however, because many people confuse having sex with making love and believe that one is more important than the other. This is a dangerous assumption to make, especially when it comes to the health of your relationship.

If your man only wants to have sex with you, it is not making love. You should be able to connect with him on a deeper emotional level without having physical contact, and sex is just a way for us to express that connection with one another. Having sex can also be done with people who we do not love or who are just physically attractive, and there is nothing wrong with that either!

You can tell if your partner is making love with you by paying attention to the details. You might notice that he takes the time to get himself ready in a sensual and romantic way, such as by taking a shower and using sexy smelling cologne or deodorant. He might use massage oils, dark lighting or sexy lingerie to help set the mood. He may play sexy music or candles to increase the intensity of the moment and create a more intimate setting.

He might even give you a long and deep hug while having sex, which is a very powerful sign of love. He might try to “merge” into you during this process, which is more of a loving act than just trying to get orgasm. He may also gently stroke your thighs or limbs during this act to make you feel his affection. Lastly, he might hold you close to his chest while breathing in and out together or moaning softly, which are all signs of loving affection.

Ultimately, the biggest indicator that your partner is making love with you is his behavior after the sex is over. If he hugs you and talks to you with great enthusiasm, then he is definitely in love with you. He might even want to continue to cuddle and kiss you, which is very sweet. If he stops after you tell him to, this shows that he respects your feelings and is truly in love with you.