Love Making – Is Your Love Making You Feel Closer To Your Partner?

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Love Making – Is Your Love Making You Feel Closer To Your Partner?

As depicted in, love making is an act and everyone is able to do it no matter how young or old they are. However, making love has been thought to be a slow, sensual, and not purpose oriented act which gives the chance to experience the spiritual being of oneness with our partner and is perceived to be an artistic art in itself. Making love asanas is a practice that will teach you how to go deep within yourself and awaken your creative energy. Through the mental and emotional responses that you will feel as you are experiencing this practice, you will come to know yourself better and will be able to let go of any misconceptions that you have of love making. You will also find that your physical and mental health will improve significantly.

The basic steps that you have to follow when you are doing this practice, as taught by Dr. Chris Weber, include centering one another and centering your mind. The first step in making love to your partner involves centering your body and letting all your energy and love flow into it. One must breathe deeply and must focus on the positive feelings that he/she is feeling. These feelings must be completely peaceful and gentle.

After one week of practicing this ritual, one will notice that his/her thoughts are calmer, his/her breath is more relaxed, his/her heart rate is higher, his/her senses are more refined, his/her imagination is stronger, and that he/she is experiencing a heightened sense of intimacy with another person. Furthermore, you will notice that your sexual appetite is stronger and you are more willing to engage in physical contact with another person. Two weeks after this, you will be able to bring the physical connection between you to its peak and to achieve the highest degree of satisfaction. You may also want to try this exercise for about 6 weeks and record your results. This practice will help you to increase your sexual prowess and to achieve higher levels of intimacy with another person.

If you are making love with your partner in the most pleasurable and fulfilling manner possible, then your emotional and spiritual connections with your partner will also strengthen. Thus, you will be able to draw each other closer to each other emotionally and spiritually. When you start making love with your partner and you start connecting with him/her on a spiritual level, then you will be able to share your deepest desires and dreams with your partner and he/she will also be able to fulfill your deepest desires. Therefore, you will grow closer to each other in both body and emotions.

It is important to note that connecting to another person or with someone else is different from just making love. Just like with making love, connecting with another person or with any entity requires that you put in the time and energy to experience that connection. In fact, when you are having sex with someone you are not making love, you are just relating to that person or entities sex drive and that’s it! However, when you are connecting with someone else during intimacy, then you are experiencing deep feelings, you are sharing your deepest desires and you are building a deep emotional and spiritual connection with your partner.

If you are one another’s lover or spouse then you must also put in the time and energy to find out what that other person wants and desires in your relationship. When you feel you are connecting with your partner emotionally and spiritually, then you will know you have created a loving connection; however, it still takes time and effort to establish this connection. You must also remember that making love is a conscious act, whereas establishing a relationship is an unconscious act.