Making Love is More Intimate Than Just Having Sex

Often, when couples are in love, they want to spend time making love with each other. However, there is a difference between having sex and making love. The main distinction is that the act of making love is more intimate than just a physical experience. It is a bonding experience that focuses on emotional intimacy in addition to the physical.

The act of making love involves a kind of tenderness (even though it can be rough at times) that is missing from regular sex. It requires a couple to be fully present and engaged in the moment, focusing on each other and enjoying the experience together. It can take a bit of practice for both partners to get into the right state of mind, but it is possible. In fact, making love is a great way to strengthen a marriage and help a couple connect emotionally as well as physically.

To make love, you can start by getting her into the mood by talking with her and cuddling. This can be a precursor to kissing and touching, which are great ways to build arousal before you even get in the bedroom. You can also use foreplay to enhance the sexual connection, such as eye gazing or whispering sweet nothings to her.

Once you’ve got her into the mood, don’t rush to get started. Give her the opportunity to unwind and relax in her preferred way. For example, if she prefers to have a massage before you head to bed, then don’t stop her. In fact, this can make it more enjoyable for her to know that you’re allowing her to enjoy herself.

During the actual act of making love, you can make her gasp with pleasure by thrusting and caressing her in all the right places. You can even whisper “more” and “please” to keep her in the mood. You can also vary the pace of your actions and try to make her breathe in tandem with you, which will heighten the sensory pleasure of the experience.

You can also focus on the emotional aspect of making love by chatting with her and asking her how she’s feeling during the process. This will show her that you’re focusing on her and that you’re interested in more than just the physical connection. You can also tell her that you love her and that you’re concentrating on being intimate with her, which will further encourage her to enjoy the experience.