Making Love is More Than Just Sex

making love

While the term “making love” conjures up images of romantic sex, it’s actually much more than just sex. It’s an intimate, mindful, and meaningful experience that requires a deep understanding of one’s partner as an individual and the desire to provide them with the ultimate sexual pleasure that they crave.

Making love can feel rushed and uninvolved, especially in the beginning of a relationship. However, over time, it can act as a significant milestone in a relationship, proving that there is emotional intimacy and that the two partners are bonded together through more than just sex. It can also create a sense of closeness and connection with one another, which may help alleviate insecurity and reaffirm a healthy self-esteem.

In order to truly make love, you need to have a full mind and body experience. That means that you need to choose the right location and ambience. A quickie in your friend’s bathroom is probably not going to cut it – you want to set the mood for the sex you are about to have. You should choose a private space that is free of distractions and use candles, dim lighting, sexy lingerie or soft music to get in the mood. If you want to really get your partner’s blood flowing, try some sensual massage oils or a warm bath together before you get in the bedroom.

The most important thing to remember is that making love involves a kind of tenderness (even if it is on the rough side) that sex often lacks. When you are making love, you are thinking of your partner’s needs and desires in addition to your own, and this can lead to a more fulfilling experience for everyone involved. It can also be a great way to connect and bond with your partner in ways that are not sexually-related, and it can help you to explore your own bodies and what makes them tick.

During making love, it’s important to stay connected with your partner by maintaining eye contact, using each other’s names and focusing on providing pleasure rather than just receiving it. It’s also a good idea to slow things down, which can add to the pleasure by giving you both more time to explore your own and each other’s sexual pleasure zones. And, if you don’t orgasm during making love, it’s totally okay, as long as you are both connecting and feeling pleasure.

Making love is far more than just sex and can be done with or without feelings of love. However, it’s important to know the difference between loving someone and just having sex as it can be harmful to your mental health. Make Love Work is an excellent book that can help you with all aspects of intimate relationships, from preventing your insecurities and neurobiology from wrecking your partnership to creating a strong foundation and paving the way for true love. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to be successful in love!