Making Love Made Easy: The Secret to Creating Great Sex in Your Relationships

The question of making love and giving love has been dividing lovers for centuries now. Some people say there is no difference between the two. Others believe they are one in the same. Still, others argue that making love is more intense than giving it. Which is true? Is making love more romantic than giving it?

making love

THAT answer to the question is actually subjective to both you and your own beliefs about love. But think about this: making love is an incredibly intimate and passionate experience, while sex generally is only passionate, but does not possess the same emotional component. Think about the last time you made love with another person. Was it emotionally intense or were you just enjoying the physical pleasure of it? If you did not feel an emotional connection to the other person, and their response to your actions did not affect you in a positive way, then you most likely did not “make love” in that moment.

Conversely, if your very first sexual encounter left you feeling very emotionally connected, and this connection developed and lasted throughout the entire evening, then you most likely did “make love.” This type of connection is usually very different than the one you get when you make love with another person. When you make love, you generally do not think about how you will get to express your feelings. You just go with the physical flow and you enjoy every minute of it. With sexual intimacy though, you have to worry about expressing your feelings and pleasing one another.

Then there is also the issue of the physical needs each person has to their partner. Not all people can satisfy every one’s sexual needs. It would seem that one size fits all when it comes to sexual satisfaction. As a result, there are many people who never satisfy their partners in bed, and never find the kind of intense arousal that only sex can bring. In this case, it is the communication barrier between the two partners that is at fault and not necessarily the lack of satisfaction on the part of the partner who lacks the ability to satisfy someone else.

Another common issue that can come into play in the realm of making love is the issue of trust. Many times, one partner is much more comfortable being alone in the bedroom than the other. As a result, they may have very unrealistic expectations of what making love should be like, and this expectations may prevent them from being able to relax and let their partner become comfortable enough to truly enjoy being intimate with one another. If you have these unrealistic expectations of what love making in general is supposed to be like, then your partner is much more likely to put up resistance to sharing physical intimacy with you. Because both you and your partner have different expectations of what love making should be like, this will cause tension between the two of you, which will make the intimacy very short-lived and will almost always result in the two of you parting ways because you cannot establish trust in one another.

There are many ways to make love in order to have a healthy long-term relationship. One important aspect of making love that almost everyone overlooks is the need for closeness. When we enter into a relationship, we often think about how much we want closeness within the walls of a marital relationship. But the truth is that without any sense of proximity, a marriage will eventually be nothing more than a bond of convenience, and even that will be short lived. So, if you really want to make a lasting impression on your spouse or another person in your life, you must make sure that you create that closeness within the walls of a relationship by being open and sharing physical intimacy with them as often as possible.