Making Love – The Art of Sensuality

Making love is one of the most universal human activities. This ancient art has been passed down throughout history and across cultures. For thousands of years, the act of making love has been considered sacred, perhaps more important than death itself. According to the dictionary, “love” means “attachment or attachment to another person or to a thing.” “When folks say ‘making love,’ they generally mean sexual intercourse, or intimate, sometimes even erotic sex, with somebody they’re in love with.”

making love

As stated by the dictionary, love-making also involves emotional bonding. And this is no doubt the crux of the matter. Sexual intimacy may come first, but emotional bonding is what makes a relationship long-lasting and, sometimes, whole. Therefore, intimacy and love-making go hand in hand. The difference is that you do not have to wait for the sexual act to make love-making automatically and completely begin.

“In making love, one may be involved in it without necessarily feeling sexual pleasure, because one may be focusing on other things such as his or her partner’s needs, interests, needs, and well-being, rather than focusing on his own needs, which can be just as satisfying,” according to David Steele, a psychologist and sexual therapist. While one may be physically aroused by being touched with an intimate part of the body, these feelings usually fade after sexual pleasure has been achieved. Therefore, while making love may be the best way to give and receive sexual pleasure, it is not necessarily the reason why one receives. In fact, studies show that the majority of relationships begin with physical contact, such as touching and kissing.

For couples, intimacy usually comes with feelings of excitement and happiness, because these feelings heighten the enjoyment of the time spent making love. However, the key to successful intimacy lies in finding ways to make the physical act more enjoyable than it often is. One great way to add fun to the physical act is to indulge in fantasies that lead to exciting feelings, such as being engaged in intercourse with your partner, being possessed by your partner, and more. In addition, to heighten your feelings for your partner, sharing the fantasy with him or her can be a great time to discuss past experiences and feelings that can lead to future closeness.

Intimacy is also about sharing a great time together. Therefore, when making love, one does not have to be engaged in hardcore sex. In fact, one may have more fun if they indulge in casual sex. One way to enjoy casual sex is to make love in your pajamas, watching television, listening to music, doing dishes, playing with your kids, etc. If the act of making love becomes fun, then more likely you will enjoy the intimacy that is involved.

Finally, one has to remember that making love between two individuals can be done in a variety of different settings, including in public. Although one can engage in making love on the toilet, it can still be very memorable if the two individuals involved are comfortable with their bodies and are well-trained in how to touch one another sensually and sexually. By making love in public, you allow the other person to see just how well you know your partner’s body and what turns you on. In addition, when making love in public, it allows the both of you to get a glimpse of what life would be like living together, if you were to move in together. Therefore, regardless of where you make love, make sure that you are being respectful of the individual who will be your mate.