Making Love – The Right Way

making love

Making Love – The Right Way

Making love is as much about emotions as it is about love itself. Making Love is about sharing feelings, an act of connection between two people. The words “making love” may often be used in movies to portray romantic gestures between two people. It is important to remember however that “making love” is more than a simple exchange of physical contact. Making love is about the shared emotional connection, trust and bonding that grow between loving couples.

While making love is primarily about the physical intimacy, having physical intimacy with your partner is actually very much more about the emotional connection. Physical intimacy can provide a gateway to deeper emotional intimacy. Physical intimacy is possible when two partners are open and honest with each other. This honesty often stems from being open with one another about their own likes and dislikes. When a couple demonstrates their emotional openness, they become more likely to share sensitive parts of themselves with each other.

Some of the most common physical signs that you or your partner are getting ready to make love to include the following: kissing, touching and licking. As we mentioned above, physical intimacy is key to emotional connection. Therefore, kissing and licking are common means of getting from one another in the mood to become intimate. It is important to realize that while kissing may be natural to both people, licking can be a turn-on or turn-off for each person. Some people find it sexually arousing to lick their partner.

In order to successfully engage in making love, you must be open with your partner. You must also be willing to listen to your partner’s sexual needs. If your partner has recently had a vasectomy, you may not be able to participate in sexual intercourse due to possible urinary tract infections. Be supportive, encouraging and loving with your partner through this time.

As mentioned above, one may not be able to have sexual intercourse when one has a medical condition such as a urinary tract infection. In these cases, casual sex may be the only way to go. If you do choose to engage in casual sex, it is important to know what you are doing to prevent pregnancy. One should use an unbreakable barrier such as a rubber band or dental floss. Also, one should never choose a position where one is prone to urinary infections. This includes making love positions that put one at risk for getting a urinary tract infection.

Making love can be an incredibly positive experience for couples who are willing to take the time to understand and respect their partners’ feelings. Respect your partner’s feelings and body during the process. It will increase your chances of making love successfully and making it more fun for you and your significant other. Sex is meant to be enjoyable, not uncomfortable and painful. By taking the time to learn how to communicate with your partner and to practice safe sex, you will be well on your way to having a memorable, mutually satisfying relationship.