Mastering the Art of Making Love

making love

When you are in a committed relationship, it is important to master the art of making love. This involves a lot more than just sex and can be the difference between the deep, emotional connection you share with your partner and a superficial fling.

When a man wants to make love with you, he will do everything in his power to please you sexually, physically and emotionally. He will be eager to experiment and show you that he is more than just interested in meeting your sexual needs. He may tell you things he has never told anyone else. He will talk to you during sex and share secrets. He will use a variety of techniques to stimulate you, from stroking your thigh and lips to massaging your erection. He will use his hands to explore your body with care and affection and will touch you in ways that are sensual, intimate and deeply romantic. He will take time to shower and dress before sex. He will put on cologne and perfume to set the mood and smell good to you. He will take the time to talk and kiss you before you get into bed.

He will use your name during sex. He will ask what you like and what you prefer to make sex more exciting and memorable. He will listen carefully and be attentive to your responses, so that he can meet your sexual desires. He will use his hands during sex and play with you with his fingers, which will help to intensify the pleasure. He will kiss you before, during and after sex and will hold you close to him. He will whisper sweet nothings to you and tell you how beautiful you are.

A man who loves to make love will be focused on giving you pleasure, so he will try different positions and move slowly. He will take his time, which can be harder if you have kids running around or roommates who are sleeping. He will try to be creative with the way he makes love and create an atmosphere that would be fit for a movie. He might use candles, lighting and music to set the mood.

He will look into your eyes during sex and smile. He will laugh with you during sex, which is an intimate and playful way to communicate. When sex is over, he will not want to get up and leave immediately, which is a sign of true romance and love making. He will lean into you and kiss your neck or face to end the experience. This shows he is deeply connected to you, not just physically but emotionally too. This is a very magical moment and it will be remembered for a lifetime. You will always remember the feeling of being loved in this way. It will make you feel a sense of freedom and liberation that can only be found in true love.