Recycle Your Bottle – What Is a Recycled Bottle?

A bottle is generally a small bottle made of a plastic material in different shapes and sizes that are used to store and carry liquid beverages and whose opening in the neck is sealed by an inner stopper, a cap, a lip, a closure, a metal cover, or some other form of internal seal. The size of the bottle depends upon its purpose. For instance, wine bottles are generally tall since the neck of the bottle needs to cover the entire bottle neck. And water bottles are cylindrical because the neck of the bottle needs to be able to hold the entire bottle. Thus, there are other specific features to look for in the bottles to ensure maximum effectiveness in the storage and handling of the liquids.


The most common type of bottle is the water bottle. It can be clear, colorless, or colored, and may have a dome shaped body with a handle. The body can also be hinged and capped with the aid of a plastic straw. The neck of water bottles can be hinged to open the mouth part completely or partially, and there are electric powered water bottle opener that can open the bottle fully. A hot water bottle can have a similar design, but it may not have an insulated bottle neck for keeping the temperature constant inside the bottle.

Hot water bottle refers to the type of bottle that has an insulated bottle neck for preventing evaporation of the inside of the bottle. The bottles usually have an outer lid that has a locking mechanism to close it tightly. A hot water bottle can also come in different sizes and designs. Disposable plastic water bottles are used in the place of traditional, glass bottles and are available in different colors and styles, including bright-colored, sports logos. They can be re-closed to store the next time they’re used.

Soft drinks are another popular type of bottle made from plastic that are used as primary article of food. These soft drinks have lids that have a screw-ons closure so they can be stored upright, even when upright in a refrigerator or cabinet. In addition to serving as main article of food, they are used as containers of ice cream, sherbet, candy, and other soft drinks. All these bottles are suitable for recycling, and all have re-closure options to seal them tightly.

Plastic bottles made from stainless steel have become quite popular over the years. These stainless bottles are manufactured to be used as primary bottle material, and these bottles are suitable for recycling. If the bottle has a recyclable liner, the recyclable liner will be attached at the closure of the bottle. The stainless steel bottles come in different styles, colors, and designs. They are easy to clean, because they have no internal cleaning agent. Stainless steel containers can also be used as serving glasses.

When considering which bottle to recycle, it is also important to make sure that the bottle is properly sterilized. Some bottles are non-sterilized, and they may need to be recycled. Other bottles, like those with a reusable lining, are sterilized during the manufacturing process. If you’re unsure whether your bottle should be recycled, contact a local recycling company, or take a self-assessment test, and you may find that it’s okay to throw away that bottle altogether.