The Importance of Intimacy

Making love has always been considered as a very common activity for couples. Making love has even become the main cause why movies and literature are created. However, recent studies revealed that only 30% of married couples engage in making love. Making love has often been associated with romantic love but nowadays, making love has also become a common activity among married couples.

making love

Making love may be a very common activity today but it is actually not new in the history of mankind. In fact, making love has been a very common activity since time immemorial. It is a way to express one’s feelings towards another person and it is also a way to forego the sexual pleasures. Making love may be perceived as a very common activity but it is actually not uncommon among most cultures. However, when two individuals make love, it is seen as an expression of their passionate feelings towards each other, understandings sex and intimacy coach.

The goal of making love is to create an emotional connection or a deeper bond between two persons. This is usually done through physical contact, which is also called foreplay. Foreplay precedes the actual act of intercourse or sexual intercourse. It is usually defined as a period of time during which a couple is emotionally or sexually attached with one another and this is done with the help of physical contact such as kissing, touching, licking, sucking, caressing, and so on.

In making love, a lot of emphasis is given on physical needs of the couple. Physical intimacy contributes to a greater sense of satisfaction and relaxation after the intimacy period is over. Therefore, it is necessary for both partners to meet these needs properly in order to fully satisfy each other. This also contributes to developing intimacy and closeness between the two persons. Without proper satisfaction of physical needs, it would be difficult for a couple to share the same level of affection. When making love, it is important for the couple to take time to reflect and enjoy the moments rather than focusing on their own desires.

One common mistake that people often commit in making love is having an inappropriate level of intimacy. When intimate moments are neglected, the couple often find it hard to build a strong relationship or intimacy. Lack of intimacy can lead to frustration because one partner may become frustrated due to the lack of satisfaction from the other. The lack of closeness can also lead to an eventual separation. Therefore, it is advisable for couples to have an appropriate amount of physical needs fulfilled by the other partner, in addition to fulfilling them oneself.

If there are no appropriate means of satisfying the intimate needs of the opposite sex, couples may end up feeling unsatisfied and eventually breaking up, regardless of how long they have been together. However, if the couple has established healthy feelings for each other, making love may only enhance those feelings. Couples who have been together for some time usually find it easier to share their feelings and form deep and meaningful relationships. In the end, it is the couple’s choice to have intimacy and to share emotions.