Bottle For Your Brand

A bottle is generally a narrow-neck bottle made of some impermeable substance in different shapes and sizes intended to store and transport liquid and whose neck in the bottle body can be capped with an external bottle cap, an inner stopper, a closure, or some other type of seal. The liquid may be placed in the bottle neck with the neck tightly secured over the cap or the bottle might just be held over the open neck of the bottle. A bottle might also have a rubber or plastic seal, gravity feed, gravity flow, a gravity bottle, or some other type of bottle mechanism. Bottles have been used for centuries both for domestic and commercial applications. Bottles were manufactured from clay, glass, terracotta, wooden barrels, copper, jute, and even metal.


A bottle as we know it today came into being when man began to bottle his own essential liquids, such as water, oil, and fat. The practice of bottle making took place mainly in ancient civilizations such as those of Egypt, Greece, Rome, and China, but bottles made of every imaginable material, including brass, ceramic, bone, porcelain, and even silverware, were discovered in different archaeological sites. Glass and crystal bottles continued to be used by the earliest civilizations as water carriers, especially for food preparation. Bottles were not only used for drinking, but as medicine, preservatives, and food containers. In recent history, bottles have taken on a whole new meaning and are employed by a variety of industries, particularly those that deal with beverages and cosmetic products.

A bottle is typically made from either plastic clay, stone, glass, stainless steel, or other impermeable substance with a neck latch to keep the liquids inside the bottle. Plastic bottles are generally the most widely used among all the bottle types, especially as beverage bottles, juice, milk, and water bottles. The reason for this is because they are light and can be easily carried around, yet strong enough to withstand falls and bumps that might otherwise break or dent the bottle. However, because they are prone to breaking easy, plastic bottles are no longer favored for taking water and other liquids in case of emergencies.

Glass bottles on the other hand, are preferred mostly for tea, coffee, and soda, because it preserves the freshness of the drinker’s beverage for a longer period of time than the plastic bottles. Some glass bottles are also resistant to acid attacks. However, there are instances where even glass bottles are found to be damaged by acid, heat, and UV rays, so drinking from them may not always be safe. This is why it is advisable to carry some glass bottles with you wherever you go.

Plastic bottle manufacturers usually make use of polystyrene in making their plastic bottles. Polystyrene is an unreinforced polymer with a high density, which is also resistant to degradation. It is commonly used as a mold material in making soda bottles, juice bottles, and other drink bottles. Another reason for the high price of plastic products is the amount of energy that it consumes in turning it into a form fit for human consumption. Glass, on the other hand, is resistant to weathering, has a high refractive index, and possesses unique chemical properties that make it a superior material for use in drink bottles and other consumer goods.

Plastic and glass bottles both have advantages over other bottle materials. It all depends on the purpose or intended usage of the bottle. While glass is used for soft drinks and cold beverages like ice cream, milk, and frozen yogurt, plastic bottles are preferred when it comes to wine, beer, and other alcoholic beverages. Hot water bottles on the other hand, are made from either glass or plastic depending on how transparent you want your beverage to be. You can buy the most appropriate bottle for your purpose by asking your local market attendants or manufacturers, as per the price range you have in mind. You can also find some great deals online where you can check different brands, their features and prices and compare them to ensure you get the best deal for the best bottle.