How to Connect With Your Partner – Intimacy Secrets

While having sexual intercourse, you satisfy the emotional needs of both your spouse and yourself. However, making love is even more intimate than sexual intercourse. You and your spouse spend time together doing things that only lovers enjoy. When you and your spouse are making love, both of you attempt to forge a divine connection via your minds, bodies and souls. Unfortunately, many individuals face this dilemma: they don’t know whether they are having lovemaking or just having regular sex. To help you determine whether or not you are making love properly, here are five signs that indicate that you are in lovemaking mode.

making love

You can sense your spouse’s feelings toward you. As I mentioned above, when you are having lovemaking, you are sharing deep, soulful emotions with one another. Therefore, when you and your spouse are in lovemaking, one of the first feelings that you can feel is love. Your spouse may also show his/her feelings for you. This does not necessarily mean that your spouse is displaying his/her feelings for you in an overt manner, but the mere fact that your spouse is sharing his/her feelings with you is a clear sign that he/she is enjoying making love with you.

You can sense when your spouse is enjoying making love with you. When a man or a woman senses that the romantic act is being pursued by his or her partner, that person begins to desire the activity. This desire is usually expressed in terms of wanting to participate in the activity. Therefore, it is safe to assume that if a man or woman notices that his or her partner is enjoying the activity, this means that the individual is enjoying the experience. If you notice this happening, do not press the issue. Instead, allow the individual to continue doing what he or she desires to do.

When two people enter into lovemaking, they are engaging in an activity that provides them with deep pleasure. For most men and women, this pleasure is generally found in the genital area. The reason why people find this area so pleasurable is because this is where the two people come together during sex. The reason why people enjoy this genital activity so much is because it is a one thing that provides the couple with a connection, a bond, a feeling of safety, security and pleasure. When one part of the couple loses this link, they start to lose interest in making love because the security and pleasure that they once felt are no longer present.

If you have not established a secure connection with your spouse, it is likely that you will not be able to make love with him or her. If you have lost the safety and pleasure that your spouse once provided, there is a good chance that you will also lose the closeness that you once felt with him or her. In order to keep the intimacy alive, it is important that you make love with your partner.

When one another feels secure and safe within the relationship, then this creates a connection, a bond, a security within the couple. When one partner starts to lose that sense of security and safety, it is likely that the other partner also will lose interest in making love. This lack of desire is usually the result of the emotional connection that was once present, but when one partner gives up on that bond and starts to experience the absence of that security and safety, it can be hard for the other partner to experience the same sense of emotional security and safety. It is very important that you work to keep the emotional attachment that you once shared with your partner if you want to keep the physical needs of your spouse alive.