How to Tell If He’s Making Love to You – And Not Just Having Sex

Making love is all about expressing feelings of romance through sex. But sometimes, we can confuse the two acts of intimacy and it’s important to understand the difference. As pointed out in Thought Catalog, there are many signs a man wants to make love to you and not just have sex. For starters, he’ll care about all the little sexual details that give you more pleasure. He’ll also be open to your suggestions for ways you like to make love, including new foreplay and positions.

He’ll want to use eye contact to connect with you. When he gazes into your eyes during sex, he’s showing that he wants to make you his whole world. This is a tantric sex practice and it creates a feeling of closeness between you that goes beyond the physical. He’ll probably also want to kiss you and hold you close before, during, and after sex, and will be gentle with how he touches your body.

During sex, he’ll try to bring you to your earth-shattering orgasm. He’ll take the time to know your sexual needs and wants so he can please you. He might try to find new foreplay ideas to bring you greater pleasure and will be willing to adjust the pace if it feels too fast or slow. He’ll also be attentive to your feedback and respond to it quickly.

A man who is making love to you will care about the emotional intimacy as much as the physical. If he is fighting with you outside the bedroom, he’s not going to be able to connect with you in a deep way during sex and may not even feel a connection at all. Similarly, if he treats you as a friend-with-benefits instead of a partner, he’s not going to show the same level of intimacy inside the bedroom.

He’ll talk about the sex with you afterward. He’ll want to share about the experience, but he’ll also want to reaffirm that it was consensual. If he’s trying to force sex on you against your will, this is a major red flag that he’s not treating you with the same respect you deserve.

A guy who is committed to making love with you will make sure to spend time cuddling and talking after sex to maintain the connection. He’ll likely take a shower with you and cuddle for several minutes afterwards to keep the intimacy going, too. This will help make the transition back to real life less jarring and can be a great way to start or end the day with a happy ending.