Making Love – A Connection That Will Last Forever

making love

Making Love – A Connection That Will Last Forever

While having sexual intercourse, you and your spouse to satisfy all of your sexual needs. However, making love also is very intimate. You both attempt to construct a sacred relationship through your minds, souls, and bodies. However, many individuals face this dilemma: how do they know if they’re having sex or making love? This article will discuss the different meanings of the words “sex” and “making love.”

The term “sex” typically refers to the physical act of reproduction, while the word “making love” typically refers to the spiritual transformation that occurs when you and your spouse share your sexual intention with one another. As an example, when you pray, the love you feel for your spouse is a form of lovemaking. Likewise, when you spend time with your partner, it is a form of lovemaking as well.

So what happens when you are in the state of sexual abstinence? While you are engaging in the most powerful form of communication with your spouse, making love cannot take place. When one is not making love, the sexual energy is not flowing freely, and therefore the emotional intimacy is lacking as well. Consequently, the intimate bond that you share with your spouse is absent, and that can create serious difficulties between the two of you.

The next time you engage in lovemaking, you must be aware of your intentions. If you want to experience the deepest form of emotional intimacy with another person, then you must make love with that person in the same way that you would with a friend or a lover. It doesn’t matter whether the other person is your spouse your best friend, or someone that is only a few years younger than you. What matters most is that you are open with this other person in regard to your intentions to create a deep physical connection.

This will not happen, however, if you simply engage in “honeymoon sex” or some other form of infidelity. This can lead to all kinds of unhealthy consequences. One of the most common consequences is resentment. If you are trying to build an emotional connection with your spouse, then you will have to make love in a very direct and intimate manner.

In order to avoid resentment, you must become honest with this other person about your intentions. Be straightforward and sincere. Tell this person directly what your intentions are. Then, as you build the emotional bond with this other person, your spouse will come to know what those intentions are and why they are so important. You will find that making love and having an emotional connection is the most rewarding thing that you can do for your marriage. So begin today to build this connection.