What’s More Important ? Torque Or Horsepower ?

hello guys this Alvarado alright there’s more the plug I won’t be talking about talk and halt follow baby talk and horsepower first of all I’m gonna start giving you guys just the simple definition of torque and horsepower I know a lot of you guys don’t know the difference and a lot of you guys do so yeah what is so talk is simple you know it’s basically what gets you going you know acceleration you know when you twist the throttle what kicks you in the ass just talk and pulse power is what gets you there you know it’s top speed what gets you to that top speed you know because talk is only between a certain a certain you know rpm and then from then on the horsepower takes over and gets you to the top speed that’s it you know it’s not complicated yeah what do you guys prefer I know a lot of people prefer to have the talk alone you know because they like to have hard acceleration like stunt riders you know stunt riders only use talk that’s why they replace the you know they’re gearing to get the bigger sprocket the bigger rear sprocket and the smaller France market which increases the talk tremendously but decreases their horsepower you know because they can’t the more talk they get the last stops we take you but it’s a trade-off they go for you know to get the so they get easiest on tech on the other hand racers racers prefer horsepower you know because they they basically only need talk you know when they ask when they are launching to get off the line because they’re always in the higher revs you know the star racers race they always keep the bikes in the higher rates and you know they need horsepower for the top sweet but in my case you know I need I need bull you know that’s why I got a thousand CC and as well I love thousand seasons no cause they’re the best you know that’s the the best of both worlds you know we get you don’t get the best talk yes you know you get the best dog and the press horsepower for the weight and you know if you’ve never written a thousand you probably don’t know what I’m talking about but you know you get my point I want pull both horsepower to get me to that top speed even though I don’t hit the top speed all the time but I want the horsepower to be there you know for the occasional high highway blast you know I go I go through and the talk I love the talk man because the talk what makes you upset irate hard and what makes you pass cars easy on highways you know I like the bikes can easily do a hundred miles an hour but it’s how quickly you get there that’s what the talk that’s where the talk helps you know it makes you get there quicker you know and make and helps you go faster easier with the higher horsepower and you know a lot of also you know like drag racers drag racers use a lot of talk but also they use a lot of horsepower because you know there’s a lot of mods they do they don’t they don’t only get the biggest racket because if they get the bigger sprocket then they can only accelerate to only a point and from there on the one they won’t be having the high speed so there’s a lot of mods they do to get the crazy acceleration and also the crazy top layer you know top speed some of the mods are probably some some gearing chains they get extended and extended swing arm with the biggest wheel extended finger and what it does is it keeps your bike from weeding I mean at least it tries yeah it’s it’s a lot harder for bike with extended wheel to pop a wheelie no because it’s got a heavier swinger and heavier we are an tire on the back so that’s what they use you know and also you know of course power commanders will exhaust the final good shit bah not just talking about street bikes honestly is all it’s all what you prefer you know it’s all all about it’s all about personal taste you know rather you prefer just having the talk to zip in and out of traffic if you’re not interested in top speed whatsoever like if you don’t go past 140 you probably don’t need horsepower you know cause all the horsepower does it takes you its head it takes you over 40 miles an hour now over one point you know it helps you go past that mark but if you got a let me give you an example are the Kawasaki z1000 yes it’s a 1000 right right so how do you call it it’s a street fighter 1000 it’s got a thousand engine but it’s been G tuned it’s been given more talk but lets horsepower what Mexico quick off the line but slow up top in other means if you guys see 1000 I’ll Kawasaki zx6r can probably beat you know having not off the line but top speed he can beat you easily because it’s not teaching its a revs higher even though it doesn’t have more horsepower we still beat you because it’s a little lighter and it’s not the gearing it’s a lot better for high speed yeah you know those kind of bikes they’re good on talked but the sock on hot spot I got a friend this guy’s z1000 all he can get out of it it’s one hundred fifty fifty miles an hour that’s his top speed only 150 and we overheard blowing 180 easily you know so that’s the difference even though they we technically have the same engine but his engine has been detuned you know to give it more more talk you know and make it more usable on this on the street you know because it doesn’t have a snatchy throttle you know it’s not trying to kill you every time you twist the throttle and shit what is always fucking traffic on the 76 man always fucking Philadelphia is turning to goddamn New York man fuck sorry to my to your guys man but honestly that’s what I’m gonna do guys this traffic man I hate traffic the fire all right in the day so I’ve often either I just can’t stand traffic I mean I don’t line lanes I don’t like lane splitting but I’m not stick I’m not staying traffic I don’t know so yeah so yeah guys that’s my little more vlog on you know horsepower versus talk once more horsepower torque is what gets you going first of all is what gets you there you know it’s simple you know people hear people talking about talk you know horsepower part way racial kind of shit they make it complicated versus is easy what gets you there and what gets you going alright guys I must I must split my way out of this shit here no all right peace.