Making Love – How to Create a Pleasurable Relationship

making love

Many men and women struggle with a love life that lacks great sex. They can tell stories of wild sexual escapades but their real lives are filled with rules, inhibitions and a lack of emotional connection. They see their partner as the problem and don’t recognize their own sexual blocks, which are keeping them from a deeply pleasurable experience in bed.

Making love focuses on building affection and a bond with the person you’re in intimate physical contact with. Often it begins before you even get to the bedroom, with foreplay such as touching, cuddling and kissing. It also includes sharing intimacy outside of the bedroom, such as talking about future plans, describing things you enjoy about each other and telling them how much you care for them.

Once you’re in the bedroom, it’s important to maintain eye contact throughout sex. A man who loves you will make sure to look into your eyes and smile at you, even during climax, as it deepens the bond between you. They’ll ask you what you like and how you want to be touched. They’ll take their time, moving slowly and enjoying the sensations of each other’s bodies, making sure they’re doing it well and are having a good time.

A man who is in love with you will care about how it makes you feel, and they’ll do everything they can to create a beautiful sexual experience for both of you. He’ll pay close attention to what you say and will listen and respond accordingly. He will remember the intimate details about you that are important to you and talk about them before and after sex, as it’s one of the most important parts of the relationship.

He’ll care about your safety, which means he’ll respect the boundaries you set together, and will always take it slow to avoid pain or discomfort. He’ll also communicate to you what they like and don’t like in terms of pleasure. He’ll try new things and explore their body and mind, and he’ll be careful to listen to what you’re saying so they can adjust their pace accordingly.

Having sex can be any kind of physical intercourse, whether it’s with a lover, a friend, a casual hookup or even someone they don’t care for at all. It can involve a lot of kinky acts that don’t always have to be pleasurable for both people.

If you’re having sex and not getting the passion you desire, the main obstacle might be unhelpful thoughts that are messing with your head. To break out of that pattern, take a moment to relax into your body and focus on what you’re actually feeling for this person in the present.