Making Love – Intimate Signs Your Man is Into You

Making love isn’t just about sex, it’s about feeling close to your partner emotionally and spiritually. In the right context, it’s a very powerful act that symbolizes two people living as one and loving each other deeply. This is a huge part of what makes it different from just fucking someone or having sex with someone that you are not in a relationship with.

When he’s in the mood for making love, your man will want to use his hands on your body. He’ll fondle and stroke your tummy, back, and legs in sexually stimulating ways. He’ll use lubricant to massage your vulva and genitals, gently stroking and rubbing the areas that are most sensitive. He may play with sex toys, too, to create different sensations for you. This is a very intimate way to connect with your partner in bed, and it shows that he wants to make you feel special and safe, which is important to the process of making love.

In order to make love, you both have to be open and honest about what you want from each other. This is why it’s so crucial to have a conversation about sex before you head into the bedroom. Make sure to discuss what kind of sexual experience you both desire and how often you would like to have it. This is also a great time to bring up any concerns that you might have about your sexual intimacy.

If he is truly making love with you, then he will be interested in much more than just having sex with you. He’ll make an effort to be present with you in the bedroom, by wearing a clean shirt and using sexy smelling cologne or deodorant before he comes in. He’ll kiss you a lot before, during, and after sex, and hold you close to him. He’ll talk to you about things that are important in your relationship, and he’ll show genuine interest in you.

He’ll want to bring you to earth-shattering orgasm, and maybe even more than once. He’ll take the time to build up to climax with lots of foreplay. And he’ll listen to you while you moan and gasp, which shows that he is really in the moment with you and wants to give you the ultimate sensual experience possible.

He’ll make you laugh during and after sex. It’s a magical way to connect with your partner, and it’s a great sign that he cares about you and enjoys spending time with you. If you don’t laugh together during or after sex, then it’s probably not making love. In fact, it might just be sex.