Making Love – What Makes Up the Act of Making Love?

making love

When we hear the term “making love,” we tend to think of sexy kisses, tender touches and moments of lustful passion. While these are all important aspects of making love, there is much more to it than just sexual intimacy. Making love is about emotional intimacy and a deep connection with your partner. This can happen whether or not you have sex with the person.

In this article, we will explore what makes up the act of making love and how it differs from having sex. We will also discuss the importance of balancing both to have a healthy sexual life.

So what is the difference between having sex and making love? The simple answer is that having sex is more of an impulsive act, while making love takes place in a more deliberate and thoughtful way. This type of intimacy is based more on the mind and the body, and is less ego-driven. It requires more focus and attention to the other person, which is why it’s considered to be a more loving act.

To make love, a couple must have the right atmosphere. This means finding a private space that’s free of distractions and making sure to create the mood by lighting candles, playing sexy music or wearing lingerie that’s alluring. It also helps to have a good meal beforehand and to use massage oils to get both partners in the mood.

It’s also important to communicate with your partner about what you both want from the experience. You may want to go more for orgasm, while your partner may be more interested in an emotional connection. By communicating your needs to each other, you can both be happier in the end.

The fundamental difference between making love and having sex is commitment. To make love, you must be in a committed relationship with someone whom you know and love and share a similar mental and emotional wavelength with. This could be the most significant aspect of making love, whereas having sex can be done with anyone and doesn’t necessarily need to be someone you are in a relationship with.

A great way to test your partner’s willingness to make love is to ask them, “If this was the last time we were to ever make love, what would you do differently?” This question can be a little morbid, but it can also help both of you be more focused and mindful during the act. This can help you focus on what matters most in your relationship, and allow you to take your intimate encounters to the next level. So when you’re ready, give it a try! You might just be surprised at how delicious it can be. –Kristina Szymkowicz, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist