The Difference Between Having Sex and Making Love

Many couples who are dating or recently married might use the term “making love” to describe their sexual intercourse. Although the phrase can be considered a euphemism, it is actually a powerful expression of emotional intimacy and romantic love. In fact, it can elevate mere carnality into something much more profound — even a merging of souls.

While having sex can satisfy a person’s sexual urge, making love goes beyond that to please the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of a partner. In this way, the experience is often more intense and pleasurable. The difference between the two experiences is not a matter of preference but rather of intent and connection.

For example, if a person is simply having sex with a stranger in a bar, it is not considered making love. On the other hand, a person in a committed relationship who is using sex as an expression of love might kiss their partner a lot before and during sex, cuddle with them, whisper sweet nothings to each other, and create a sensual, romantic environment in which to make love.

Another important aspect of making love is that it is usually done slowly, allowing the partners to truly connect with each other and the experience. It might be a time to reflect on the past or look forward to the future with anticipation. It is also a time to communicate what the couple is seeking from this intimate experience – what do they want? A good indication that a man is lovingly making love to his partner is whether he is completely focused on the act or does he occasionally glance around the room, out of the window or into the distance.

In addition, a person who is lovingly making love to their partner considers the other’s desires during the act, whereas people who are simply having sex tend to focus on themselves. They may try to satiate their own wants and gratify their own orgasms.

As a result, those who are making love to their partners find the experience more pleasurable than those who are just having sex with a random stranger. Of course, there is a place for both types of sexual intercourse. But for couples who are truly in love, making love is a way to show each other how much they care and make their relationship deeper.

Creating an environment in which to make love is easy enough, but it’s not always possible with children running around or roommates who might interrupt the intimate moment. So if you are planning on having a night of romance, it might be worth hiring a babysitter or getting a hotel for the night. Or, you might just set the mood by lighting a few candles, turning on soft music and setting the scene with a delicious meal beforehand. By following these tips, you might find that you and your partner are more than ready to make love and take things to a whole new level of passion and intimacy.