August 2021

The Benefits Of Returnable Jars


The Benefits Of Returnable Jars

A bottle is an insulated, narrow-necked bottle made of a flexible material in different shapes and sizes that are able to store and transport liquid beverages from one location to another, its mouth at the bottom of the bottle being sealed by an inner stopper, a cover, a cap, a lid, or some other such closure. A bottle’s neck is often curved to allow the liquid to flow naturally; some have tops that extend above the opening at the bottom. The liquids that may be contained in a bottle vary greatly, from alcohol to water and medicine to lubricant.

There are many different types of bottle, each with its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Plastic bottles are the least expensive, but are also the easiest to break or tamper with. Refillable or remanufactured plastic bottles are the safest for both the consumer and the manufacturer, and allow the refill to be done without replacing the entire bottle. The most important factor in the proper storage of a bottle, however, is how it is opened. This is usually a function of misuse of the bottle itself.

All bottles, plastic or glass, are closed by a means that prevents liquids from entering the container, but this seal is different for every type. A small number of containers, including soda bottles, contain an air-tight seal that can prevent the entry of air until the container is opened, which ensures that no dangerous vapors or substances make it into the bottle itself. A more popular type of container, particularly among restaurants, is stainless steel, which provides a very durable exterior but is also resistant to tarnishing and doesn’t rust easily. Wine or champagne bottles, whether they are large vases or small travel containers, must be kept out of direct sunlight or placed in a dark, cool place away from heat and moisture.

Refillable or remanufactured beverage containers can be returned to stores or restaurants if they are returned in their original condition and sealers are still intact, but this refund value may not be enough to offset the higher cost of shipping the beverage containers back to a store or restaurant. Because beverage containers are meant to be portable, they don’t always meet our needs for easy portability, so we have to find other ways to maximize the amount of refund value. Some of the best options for doing so are to purchase a good quality replacement, whether it comes with a warranty or not, and to properly care for the beverage container, which will help to prolong its use and adding years of enjoyable use to its life.

While the refundable container act has made many different types of containers easier to use and more affordable to consumers, some beverage service providers still feel the need to provide an incentive for customers to return their units for another one. Returnable container providers who do this through the deposit initiator program have found this process to be successful for many types of businesses. A deposit is required when a unit is returned, and this fee can either be waived or simply waived depending on each individual case. If your business accepts returns of product through the deposit initiator program, the majority of them have found that having a simple returnable container allows them to charge a low one time fee for a returnable container instead of having to require its use, and then charging for return shipping. Because these services are not mandatory under the terms of the private label beverage container act, it is up to the consumer to decide whether they prefer to have no deposit initiator and a returnable container or a deposit initiator and returnable and non-refundable container.

The returnable container idea is particularly useful for small businesses that have only a few products available, or those who may not want to invest a lot in a returnable container to begin with. They are also particularly helpful to small restaurants that find themselves without the ability to create and deliver several types of beverages on a regular basis. For these establishments, as well as many others, the convenience of a returnable beverage container is an invaluable advantage that the private label beverage container act helps to preserve.

Applying Integrals to a Solid Body

What is work? In physics, work is defined simply as the effort exerted on an object by some other object, which causes the object to alter its internal state. The sum of all such efforts is the work done. If the distance between the two objects is fixed, then the total work done is simply the product of the constant force acting on the object and the time it takes to go from point A to point B.


There are many ways in which this concept can be applied, in specific cases being transportation. Let’s say that you are driving down the highway and you hit a pothole or a bump in the road. Your car stops, and you have to swerve suddenly to avoid hitting it, and you do so, but since your car did not stop at all, there is now work done to move the vehicle into the right position to prevent it from crashing. Now if this accident happens again, then the first accident would have been worth less than the second, because the second accident would have been considered a zero-sum game, where in the first accident, more work had to be done to cause the outcome, and so the total amount of work done would have been smaller.

This brings us to the question of how the law of conservation of energy applies to our world. The work done to move the particles from one state to another is referred to as the work done, and if they are not replaced, then that energy is eventually going to be lost. Now the only thing that prevents the particles from being replaced is the principle of relativity called the law of conservation of energy. Conservation of energy tells us that the total energy, no matter what that energy is, will always remain the same, thus there is no way for the energy to be added or subtracted. Thus the only solution is to move along with the constant speed of the particles, and this is done by your car’s wheels.

The first thing we want to know is why the velocity of anything is referred to as a velocity. Well this is simple enough to understand; the way in which you describe motion is through the transfer of a constant force. Now the law of integrals shows us that if the system has a constant force that acts on a single variable, then the resultant of those actions will be a single variable. The example that I am using here is that if you take your hand and try to lift a piano lid by applying a constant force to it, this will always result in two separate variables, but if you act to lift the piano lid by doing the same action as before, then the resultant of those actions will become a single variable, which we will label “piano lid velocity”.

There are many ways in which we can calculate this integral, and one of them is the integral of a constant variable. To find the integral, we must take a look at the work function, where we differentiate between the time and the position for each individual work – in our case, we are taking a look at the instantaneous torque we are applying to the piston. Once we have differentiated this, we must find the derivative of time, which is the integral of the constant t; this is done by looking at the tangent of the velocity vector. This should give us our integral, so we now just need to apply it to our work function and solve for t. If we do this carefully, we should get another derivative, namely the torque that we are acting on the piston, and this gives us the final term of our integral; torque(velocity vector). This tells us that the angle of attack of our vehicle determines the torque that we apply to it, and the larger the angle, the greater the torque.

There are many other ways in which we can use the integral of a constant and the trajectory of a rigid body, such as for the case of springs. You may also find applications for the other components of a rigid body such as the dynamic or kinetic energy of an object or the momentum that it has after being deformed, among many others. For these purposes, I would advise you to compute the integral of your function on the computer and then plot it onto a graph, as this will give you a nice visual representation of what you are looking at. The integration of rigid bodies is only possible if you have a good understanding of the language of dynamics and mathematics, and I hope that this introduction has shown you just that. Good luck!

Membenahi Program Slot Pragmatic yang Memiliki masalah

Dalam mainkan games slot pragmatic perlu yang bernama sistem tepat. Pasalnya sistem pas bakal memengaruhi hasil yang didapat. Ini dapat muncul karena games slots harus dimainkan secara terus-terusan tiada henti. Berlainan dengan games yang lain seperti togel dan bola.
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Kembali juga enggak seluruh orang mempunyai akses lewat PC atau netbook . Maka memang dianjurkan bermain lewat Android atau IOS. Dengan bermain melewatinya, Anda bakal memperoleh akses bisa lebih cepat, gampang, dan ringkas. Tetapi bakal muncul banyak persoalan jika belum terlatih memakainya.
Melihat dari hal itu, Kami bakal beri pembahasan berkenaan beberapa langkah yang perlu dilaksanakan jika program alami permasalahan. Dengan pembahasan ini Kami berharap Anda semua bakal terlatih dalam memakainya. jadi hasil yang bakal didapat juga jadi lebih optimal hingga dapat cuan.
Lakukan Up-date Secara Periodik
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Kata kunci : Prematicplay
Deskripsi : Membenahi program prematicplay yang memiliki masalah bakal dapat dilaksanakan dengan gampangnya lewat up-date, boosting, kelonggaran ram, dan root jika memang perlu.

Making Love Made Simple by Becoming Intimate With Your Partner

making love

Making Love Made Simple by Becoming Intimate With Your Partner

Making love has many connotations for both the man and the woman making love. As depicted in, Teen Health Source, intercourse or sex means many different things to many different people, but one thing is certain, that is it is a natural and healthy activity enjoyed by many people regardless of culture or country. According to Teen Health Source there is much evidence that shows that making love as a relationship progresses can actually have health benefits for the couple involved. Here is what Teen Health Source has to say about the topic.

“There are many ways that making love can affect your physical and emotional connection. Sex is not always a physical connection. It can be an emotional connection. Not every intimate relationship is based on physical intimacy, just like not every kiss is based on a physical connection.”

Teen Health Source continues, “So it’s very important that you make love one week at a time and that you take your time. If you rush into it then you may end up with a resentment because it isn’t being shared as much as it should be. Plus you are missing out on an experience that you could be having with someone else.” Although there are many other factors to take into consideration when it comes to making love, having sexual experiences with another person should definitely not be rushed into. The Teen Health Source advice below will give you some sound advice for making love the safe way…

Lovemaking Made Simple by Becoming Intimate with Your Partner. “Making love is not something that you should rush into. You should slowly develop an emotional and physical connection with the person you are making love with and then take it from there.” Teen Health Source states ” Romance is all about developing feelings involved with another person. This does not mean you are going to have a committed relationship when you make love but it does mean that feelings involved during those times are much different than feelings involved when making love in a more casual setting.”

Making Love Made Simple by Becoming Intimate with Your Partner. ” Romance isn’t always about lust and sex. It can be about feelings and sharing.” Teen Health Source continues, “The more comfortable you are feeling with the other person, the more likely it is that you will create intimacy and a deeper connection.”

Lovemaking Made Simple by Becoming Intimate with Your Partner. “When making love you need to take your time. The more time you take the less stress you will feel and the better you will connect with each other. Intimacy doesn’t have to involve intercourse. In fact sex can be a wonderful way to increase intimacy without creating a sexual or erotic environment.” Teen Health Source continues, “Spending time with your partner creates a deep connection which is what you want.”

Predicting the true value of Bitcoin by Metcalfe’s law

Using Metcalfe’s law, MIT analyzed that the value of bitcoin is currently significantly overvalued and the market reflects the 2014 value. Following the law, the predictability of a near-collapse was possible and noticeable.

Metcalfe’s Law: To find the value of Bitcoin, how much is it worth?

By analyzing , an attempt was made to determine the value of bitcoin using Metcalfe’s law. When they try to decide how to value a money, people have different opinions. Some say the currency is worth as much as it is willing to pay for it, while others would argue that its value lies in high production costs. And that’s exactly why bitcoin is experiencing extraordinary ratings.

In December 2017, Bitcoin’s share price was at its highest level, $ 20,000, while the size of the total cryptocurrency market was an exemplary $ 830 billion. In a few days, however, the market collapsed and fell to $ 280 billion, a huge drop.

So the question arises, what exactly is bitcoin worth? MIT analysts point out that the value of a cryptocurrency actually lies in the network of people who use it. Moreover, if a bitcoin is valued at such a high price, it is difficult to understand and comprehend the telltale signs of a market collapse that will surely come.

Following Metcalfe’s law, which states that “the value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of users”.

He claims that based on the number of users, it is quite clear and easy to find the value of bitcoin. The idea of ​​the original law assumes that all nodes can be interconnected. In addition, the law reflects that the value of bitcoin has increased along with the number of users.

Read more: As Bitcoin falls, the stock market faces even the worst fall

Significant bitcoin crashes

The law also shows whether bitcoin is overvalued. Four occasions were mentioned separately when bitcoin overestimated and then crashed.

The first major accident occurred in 2011 with Mt. Gox fiasco. The Tokyo-based stock exchange was hacked, resulting in about 88 percent drop in the price of cryptocurrencies in three months.

The next was the 2012 crash, which was due to the discovery of a Bitcoin Ponzi scheme. Then the 2014 crash, Mt. Gox, collapsed due to high trading volume, resulting in a 50 percent drop in bitcoin prices in just two days.

Now, the recent collapse in 2017 was triggered by a number of factors, most notably the South Korean government’s action against cryptographic exchanges.

The analysis follows an approach where the market is growing at an extremely exponential rate. This kind of growth is unsustainable and only lasts for a short time. This collapse is inevitable for the market.

Moreover, this collapse is predictable because unsustainable growth only leads to high volatility, which means increased instability, which means that even a small event can cause a collapse.

The analysis also indicates that the market was in a critical state at the time of the collapses, and if these events had not triggered the collapse, all other events would certainly have occurred. Moreover, past data can be used to detect market collapse and impending collapses.

Bitcoin is still extremely overvalued, you may see another decline

Like Metcalfe’s law , even after the collapse in 2017, the value of bitcoin is significantly overvalued, illustrating that:

“Our Metcalfe-based analysis indicates the current level of support for the bitcoin market in the range of $ 22-44 billion, which is at least four times lower than the current level.”

This means that there is no stable soil yet, as “the current market is similar to the market in early 2014, followed by a one-year sideways and downward movement”.

Overall, therefore, it sends a clear message to beware of upcoming events for all associates in the bitcoin market, from investors, speculators to miners and everyone else, as further price reductions are an opportunity.

Do you think the value of bitcoin is overvalued under Metcalfe’s law, and is there still a rocky road ahead of bitcoin? Let me share your thoughts below!

Mainkan Judi Slot Online Bersama Nenektogel

Bermain judi slot online tentunya sudah tidak heran lagi dimainkan oleh para penjudi online, pasalnya permainan slot online telah menjadi permainan yang sedang viral viralnya didunia. Hingga permainan judi slot online pernah menjadi perbincangan dunia karena menariknya bermain judi slot online. Dimana dalam permainan judi slot online terdapat bonus kemenangan terbesar dari permianan judi lainnya yang terdapat pada bandar nenektogel.

Tetapi untuk menjadi agen slot online terpercaya, tentunya bukan menjadi suatu hal yang mudah bagi para penjudi online. Lantaran terdapat banyak sekali agen slot online diinternet yang bisa anda pilih dengan hati hati. Supaya anda tidak mendapatkan agen slot online yang tidak resmi untuk dimainkan. Untuk memilih agen slot online, tentunya anda bisa langsung mengunjungi situs slot online yaitu nenektogel. Disanalah anda dapat bermain slot online dengan berbagai macam jenis yang ada seperti:

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Dan masih banyak lainnya yang bisa anda nikmati secara mudah.

Deposit & Withdraw Paling Praktis Bersama Nenektogel

Untuk melakukan proses deposit dan withdraw bersama nenektogel tentunya menjadi hal yang sangat mudah bagi anda. Lantaran nenektogel melayani transaksi pulsa dan ovo juga loh. Disana anda dapat memainkan judi slot online dengan mudah melalui deposit 10 ribu saja para pemain sudah dapat memainkan judi online bersama nenektogel. Karena kami akan selalu membuat para pemain senyaman mungkin untuk bermain judi slot online.

Slot Pragmatic Menjadi Provider Slot Online Terbaik

Slot pragmatic merupakan provider slot online yang paling banyak diminati oleh para penjudi online diseluruh dunia. Yang akhrinya slot pragmatic menjadi pusat permainan slot online terpopuler yang bisa anda nikmati. Lantaran ada permainan slot pragmatic yang sangat mudah untuk dimenangkan disitus pragmatic play terpercaya, terdapat 3 pusat permainan pragmatic play didunia yang bisa anda nikmati dengan mudah seperti Gibraltar, Isle Of Man, Malta. Ke3 pusat slot online itu menjadi perusahaan pragmatic play yang bisa anda kunjungi. Kini anda tidak perlu ragu lagi dengan bermain pragmatic play bersama kami.

Provider Pragmatic Play Menyediakan Jenis Permainan Terlengkap

Permainan pragmatic play dihalaman situs kami tentunya memiliki permainan judi lainnya tidak hanya sekedar menyediakan permainan slot online saja. Situs pragmatic play tentunya masih memiliki daftar slot permainan pragmatic play yang bisa anda mainkan seperti  :

  • 7 Monkeys
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Ke3 permainan adalah daftar slot pragmatic play yang bisa anda nikmati, yang mempunyai bonus terbesar mudah untuk diraihkan oleh anda. Jika anda masih ragu dalam bermain pragmatic play bersama agen slot online pilihan anda, anda bisa langsung mengunjungi situs resmi nenektogel. Dimana nenektogel juga menyediakan provider slot pragmatic play secara resmi.

Nenektogel Penyedia Berbagai Macam Slot Online

Nenektogel merupakan agen slot online yang menyediakan provider pragmatic play secara resmi dan terpercaya. Disana anda dapat bermian slot online setiap harinya dan customer service kami akan melayani anda selama 24 jam nonstop. Jadi anda dapat berkontribusi bersama customer service tentang permainan slot online yang ingin anda mainkan.

Anda tidak perlu ragu lagi dalam bermain slot online bersama nenektogel karena kami telah menjamin akan membayar berapapun hadiah kemenangan yang anda raih. Karena kami memiliki sistem kesportifan yang baik kepada para pemain judi slot online.

Forex signals US short meeting, September 10 – Another big report on earnings and employment from the UK

Today, financial markets are again quite quiet. The sense of risk remains positive, and comments from China help maintain that feeling. Chinese Prime Minister Li said this morning that “trade negotiations will make progress”, and they also removed investment quotas. An interesting article today was a Reuters report suggesting that the Bank of Japan is now more open to discussing additional monetary easing next week. That JPY should keep it up for a while.

The biggest event today, however, is the report on employment and earnings from Great Britain. The while  3M / Y. Employment and wages in particular continue to surprise markets forever as they continue to grow, at a time when the rest of the economy is heading towards recession. Although the UK might narrowly avoid a recession now after some positive figures we saw this week, it is still too early to tell.

European session

  • French and Italian industrial production – Last month’s report showed a sharp drop in industrial production in France of 2.3% in June. Although production was expected to become positive in July and increase by 0.5%, it missed expectations and instead rose by only 0.3%. In Italy, industrial production also fell by 0.2% in June, as shown by last month’s report, which was revised lower to -0.3% today. Today’s report was expected to show another 0.1% decline for June, but the decline was larger, by 0.7%. Production continues to suffer in Europe.
  • UK Employment Report – The ILO unemployment rate was expected to remain unchanged, but reached 3.8% compared to the expected 3.9% earlier. The change in unemployment claims in August amounted to 28.2 thousand. The previous number was 28.0 thousand, which was revised to 19.8 thousand. The change in employment came to 31 thousand compared to the expected 55 thousand, compared to 115 thousand earlier. Employment is still quite strong in the UK.
  • UK Earnings Report – The average earnings index was expected to remain unchanged at 3.7% today. But the average wage index is another jump to 4% for July. The June issue was also revised higher from 3.7% to 3.8%. Average weekly earnings without bonuses also rose to 3.8% from 3.7% 3 m / y as expected, but previously hit 3.9%. Annual earnings amounted to + 4.2%, which is the highest number since February 2010. Realistically, the average weekly earnings are + 2.1% EUR 3 million per year, which is the strongest reading since September 2015.
  • There are no alternatives to stopping without the Irish border – Irish Minister for European Affairs Helen McEntee commented this morning, saying they still have no real evidence of stopping alternatives. The situation in Brexit is changing every day, but the UK has had no proposal to stop just for Northern Ireland. So there is no hope of an agreement then.
  • No fiscal stimulus for Scholz – German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz said earlier today that they are doing what is needed without a new debt. The 2020 budget is expansive, which will deal with major challenges, including global trade disputes. Germany is not in crisis, it has a solid fiscal position. We will react if there is a crisis.

American session

  • Carney doesn’t sound too worried – Bank of England President Mark Carney commented a moment ago that the BOE doesn’t see big imbalances in the economy that would normally cause a slowdown. BOE has the tools to address the economic slowdown. Economies have fiscal space to cope with the recession, but it is not unlimited. We are approaching a global liquidity trap.
  • Canadian Housing Initiatives and Building Permits – The start of housing increased by 222,000 in July in Canada, as last month’s report showed. The number for August was expected to cool to 213 thousand, but they further increased to 227 thousand. In the last two readings, building permits recorded two very bad months, which decreased by 13.0% in May and by 3.7% in June. June was revised today to -3.1%. Building permits were expected to become positive in July and increase by 2.1%, but today we recorded a growth of 3.0%, beating expectations.
  • OPEC’s Barkindo sounds optimistic on oil – the OPEC secretary general has just said they have been very conservative with demand forecasts. The oil market is not fundamentally driven. He does not see a recession on the horizon and said that the American economy is doing well.

He trades in sight

Bearish Eur/ Gbp

  • The trend has shifted to bearish
  • The withdrawal of the council is over earlier today
  • 20 SMA pushes the price lower
  • 20 SMA provides resistance once again as the downward trend has continued 

    EUR / GBP has been in a strong bullish trend since early May, but in early August the trend shifted to bearish as the euro stretched in decline as the GBP turned higher. 20 SMA (gray) initially offered resistance, but the trend slowed in the following weeks and larger MAs took over the job. Although the downward trend resumed last week, the 20 SMA seems to have turned into resistance again, killing more and pushing the price lower. So the pressure stays on the downside of this pair.

    In conclusion

    The GBP turned around again today, after we saw some positive production data yesterday and a big report on employment and earnings today. Brexit could be postponed again, which means we could witness a bullish phase in GBP pairs in the coming weeks.

New GPU units manufactured by Asus will be mining enabled

The field of cryptocurrencies, at least for the majority of the population, and even for many developers, investors and traders, is primarily a software business. This means that they are interested in digital applications that can be used in connection with a bitcoin, ethereum or other blockchain digital currency network. For all of these individuals, the background hardware that enables the entire network is not considered as important. While we can safely assume that none will forget that it exists, the interest in miner hardware offered by non-miners is minimal for all networks.

But recently, a huge computer hardware company made an interesting announcement on the subject, suppressing many in the field of digital currency. The company in question, if Taiwan’s Asus and their new graphics processing units, are sold with features that make them very efficient in the hash, also known as coin mining process.

Contents [show]

Asus Mining series
The news came when the company unveiled its Mining P106 and Mining RX 470 graphics cards. Both are specifically designed to handle the heat and energy of the mining process. Because extraction calculations are extremely intensive, mining equipment, which is usually made up of GPUs, is very robust and needs to focus on their primary task. There is virtually no user interface or any other element of a standard computer, so the rigs are placed online, and here they are responsible for the pieces of code on their network.

However, it is interesting to note that Asus did not designate these graphics cards as an element of future mining equipment. However, people did not have to figure out for a long time, mainly based on the presentation of their products and their specifications, that they were created at the heart of the mining-etreum. The largest network supporting digital currency, bitcoin, has surpassed the level of individual mining.

At its current stage, bitcoin mines use so-called ASICs or application-specific integrated circuits. BTC is widespread and is used for everything in online poker that bitcoin uses for investments. Because of this, the mines used to support the network are huge mining systems that are light years away from all home mining operations.

But now it seems that Asus is offering an interesting offer for anyone who is in a digital currency, but not specifically bitcoin. With the mining potential of ethereum, Asus clearly believes that it is necessary to make a profit by supplying this market.

Ethereum mining
Asus considers graphics cards to be branded, developed for coin mining, so they are able to provide maximum extraction speeds while operating at minimal cost. With this, it is clear that Asus will do anything but call their cards mining items.

The news is that the lack of graphics cards is affecting most regions of the world. Hobby miners have reported that many local stores are running out of these products, while huge online retailers like eBay or Amazon are also running out of stock.

For some, this is all the hallmark of the GPU Rush that took place in 2014. During this period, altcoins, such as litecoin and dogecoin, began to be mined by an increasing number of individuals, purchasing all available sets of graphics cards. This time, ether seems to be the coin of choice for many new miners.

But all those who choose to enter this province will experience an increasing problem in their new operation. While graphics cards sold by Asus may be more efficient, the difficulty of splitting is constantly increasing, as required by the basic network protocol.

In the case of ethereum, the trend shows a threefold level of difficulty that occurred between the end of April and the end of June this year. In the long run, the same difficulty will continue to grow, and it’s only a matter of time before the network will have to switch to the settings used by BTC miners for a long time.

Investing in Ethereum?
The month of June 2017 was a period when many believed that a so-called reversal would occur in which ethereum would take over bitcoin as a leader when it comes to market foreclosure. In recent days, however, nothing has happened as ETH has started to slip in price.

It is now hovering around $ 250, and signs of a short-term recovery of the network are doubtful at best. One of the main reasons why so many ETHs have been sold is the fact that more ICOs have started withdrawing funds , fueled by investors, hoping to make bigger profits in less time.

But anyone who starts mining the ETH needs to be ready for a long-term investment. If not, they need to have big trading instincts for a steady flow of profits. The same problem does not exist when it comes to long-term ethereum investment, and it does not change with one or even more price declines in global markets.

The latent strength of the network
Despite the decline, many experts have reiterated their view that this digital currency will remain very relevant, but will also result in a major breakthrough in the future. When that happens, they bring great benefits, especially when it comes to the miners who saved their coins.

Flipping may not come in as intense a form as its name suggests – currently smart money says it will happen, but no one can say for sure when. But the consensus is that the value and market position of the ethereum network will increase. Because of this, anyone who has started mining the ETH would do well to keep their coins and wait for the price increase that will undoubtedly occur.

Source: CoinDesk

Endorphina sees Bitcoin as the key to improved online gambling Endorphina

Fresh on the Bitcoin gaming scene is Endorphina, an online gambling content provider that is currently working on a special project aimed at showing recognition to the Bitcoin community. This company offers high quality games that are now stored by brands on .

CoinPoint correspondent spoke with Jan Urbanec, head of sales at Endorphina, to learn more about the company’s position on the Bitcoin casino market and plans to run it in the digital currency and iGaming industry.

Jan UrbanecHow did you stumble upon Bitcoin?

In Endorphina, knowledge of Bitcoin is usually pretty good, although it’s just the basics, but everyone in the igaming industry usually knows about it.

For me personally, it was a forum discussion about building a self-sufficient online poker network so players aren’t punished with a big rake. After a while, we came to the conclusion that we need to be independent of payment processors to build our own network, and then someone mentioned Bitcoin. After reading the concept of blockchain and decentralization options, they sold on the idea. From that day on, I always try to push the Bitcoin idea whenever I could, and luckily for Endorphina it was very possible.

How would you describe the relationship between your business and cryptocurrency?

For us, Bitcoin is a helper. Because Endorphina is a B2B business, we can organize invoices more efficiently. The global nature of Bitcoin allows us not to get lost in the foreign exchange transactions that sometimes arise in our industry.

Of great importance to us is the ability to determine exactly how much a player has won in our game, pass this information on to our client, and then enter it into an account and then into the accounting – without ever having to.

Bitcoin is a tool that gives our customers and our company the freedom to flow seamlessly.

What is the main purpose or role of Endorphina within the Bitcoin ecosystem?

Since we’re in the entertainment industry, we need to show that Endorphina, like a real entertainer, knows no barriers to having fun with people. Our role is small and perhaps not critical to the success of Bitcoin, but it is certainly important to validate the existence of Bitcoin for players.

Because our company is young, our goal at this point is to recognize Endorphina based on people’s toys. And I think the defining moment of our company’s growth was the presence we held at ICE Totally Gaming this year. As a result, our name is now ringing and we can finally show our customers and players the true value our product has to offer.

How does it positively impact global promotion and Bitcoin launch?

Definitely adoption. Igaming customers now have access to services such as instant deposit and, more importantly, instant withdrawal, thanks to brands like This was never an option on fiat payment processors.

Do you have a review of Bitcoin Gambling ?

Naturally. Simply put, this is what the igaming industry should look like. The fewer barriers you put in between players and providers, the easier it is to interact. It goes both ways.

What are the main challenges you face for this industry and business to advance the cause ??

The perception is that igaming is a toxic industry and not safe for players. Do you know the difference between playing in Vegas and the comfort of home? Only in one place does the pitboss kick out the game of Blackjack by trying to gain an advantage.

QuoteNow that Endorphina is part of the Bitcoin gaming industry, how would it characterize the Bitcoin economy right now?

Not good enough. It’s simple. Everyone wants to be an innovator and the next entrepreneur to find the hole in the market. But for me, the biggest result will be if someone provides a truly reliable and trustworthy service that will last.

How do you see Bitcoin stabilizing over the next five years?

As mentioned in the previous answer, many fail, but those that endure the five-year period gain general recognition and thus validation. Bitcoin price stability reflects how many businesses become the dominant benchmark.

Can you say for sure that you have reached the Bitcoin prediction ??

I don’t like speculation about the price of Bitcoin. But I’ll give you a popular one – imagine that 1 Bitcoin will be $ 10,000 in five years. What do you tell us about Bitcoin? But more importantly, what do you tell us about the USD? What will be the real purchasing power? We cannot determine this from simple numbers without context.

Interesting. On the other hand, do you think altcoins or Bitcoin 2.0 technology will be beneficial for the future of Bitcoin ??

Personally, I see altcoins as irrelevant to value transfer. They are the carriers of innovation, but never the real actors.

Returning to Endorphina, what are your plans? Is it expanding or are there similar projects in the works?

To continue to provide great games to our players and to provide a flawless service to our customers. Expansion is the name of the game. We have no plans to spread thin and improper resources into other projects. Focus is paramount and we don’t lose it.

What advice can you give to thousands of Bitcoin fans, especially new users? How about entrepreneurs?

Behave like customers. Spend Bitcoino, use it in maximum areas of your life. The dollar has become a dominant currency worldwide thanks to spending, not accumulation. And if you want to become a successful Bitcoin business, you need to encourage it.