Making Love is More Than Just Sex

making love

Whether you’re a newlywed or a long-term couple, it’s important to remember that making love is more than just sex. It’s a powerful act of affection that reaffirms your partner’s value to you and shows how much you care about them, while also helping to establish emotional intimacy. This is why it’s important to communicate your needs and expectations clearly with your partner, and to work together to ensure that you’re both on the same page during love making.

If you and your partner are on the same page about how intimate you want to be during love making, then you can begin to slow down and take the time to really savor the experience. Taking your time during the act of love making will allow you to explore each other’s bodies and minds in a more meaningful way that can bring you closer emotionally. It can also help to talk about what you both expect out of the experience – for example, does your partner like a lot of kissing or future-oriented pillow talk? These conversations can be a great way to build up sexual tension and anticipation.

Another sign that your partner is making love rather than just fucking is if they’re attentive to your needs during intercourse. This could mean that they’re more gentle and respectful of your body, taking the time to kiss all of the usual places (and maybe even some places you might try to hide from them!), and they’re also very interested in your emotional connection to them.

During love making, it’s common to find yourself buried in each other’s arms or legs or with your face pressed against their shoulder as you moan in their ear. This is a sign of a deep physical and emotional connection that can be very satisfying. It can be a beautiful experience for both of you and will create a feeling of closeness that’s hard to find in other ways.

When it comes to making love, your partner will always respect and honor your boundaries. They’ll never push you too far past what you feel comfortable with and will make sure to ask about any issues you may have. They’ll also take a lot of time to get to know your sexual preferences, so they can tailor the act to what you both enjoy and are most satisfied by.

A true partner will never rush you into sex. They’ll spend plenty of time rubbing your back and kissing you, and they’ll want to hold you tight as they move into the more sensual aspects of the act. They’ll also take their time during the act itself, giving you plenty of space to breathe and stretch out your body. They’ll also make sure to keep their hands off your genitals, which is a huge part of being a loving partner and demonstrating that they care about you more than just physically. They’ll be patient and will wait until you give them the signal to speed things up if they’re not satisfied yet.