The Intimacy of Love Making

making love

When people think of sex and love making, they often equate it with physical pleasure. But it’s so much more than that. Love making is an emotional, intimate connection between a man and woman that involves tenderness. Intimacy is a foundation of any relationship, and it’s essential to all forms of love. If he loves you, he will make sure you have an experience that is as pleasurable as possible. He’ll consider your comfort and your sensual preferences, which means he’ll take his time to caress and kiss every part of you.

While having sex is often about satisfying individual sexual needs, making love is about sharing the pleasure and pleasure of each other. It is also an act of intimacy that demonstrates his affection and respect for you.

A good lover will honor your boundaries and understand that you may not be ready for sex at all or at a certain point. He will be willing to let you know what works best for you and will be open to new sexual experiences, such as changing the scenery or trying different sex positions. He may even suggest that you try sex toys to add excitement and variety to the experience.

During love making, he will likely hold you closer and spend more time kissing you while stroking your body. He might even whisper your name in his mouth while making out with you. He might even make a lot of eye contact and use his hands to stroke your hair or face. While this may seem a bit too touchy-feely for some, it is the hallmark of true love.

If he is not overly expressive during sex, he may be waiting for a more intimate moment to tell you how much he enjoys you. He will want to give you a taste of his passion and romance before sharing the experience with everyone else.

After sex, he will usually want to continue the intimate connection by cuddling and spooning you. He will probably stay close to you until he falls asleep, and if he doesn’t sleep right away, he may wake up in the middle of the night just to be with you.

If he smiles and seems happy after sex, that is another sign that he enjoyed the experience and loved every moment of making love with you. He would not do that if he only cared about his own sexual pleasure. He is proving that you mean the world to him and has no need to prove his worth by conquering your sexual desires alone. He knows that he wants you with him for more than just your erections.