May 22, 2023

How to Tell If Your Partner is Making Love

making love

Making love can feel like a spiritual and emotional experience as well as a physical one. It can also be a way of bonding with your partner and strengthening your relationship. Many people have experienced sex with someone they don’t really love, whether as part of a drunken hook-up or a fling with a ‘friend with benefits.’ But that doesn’t mean that every sex experience has to be considered a form of making love. It’s important to distinguish between having sex and making love, so that you can know if your partner is serious about you and wants more than just a physical connection.

If your partner is always talking to you in bed, he’s showing that he enjoys being with you. He might even talk about his personal life experiences, which shows that he is genuinely interested in getting to know you. In addition, if he asks what you enjoy most in bed, he is showing that he cares about your needs and desires.

He sets the mood

Making love involves more than just sex; it’s about setting the stage for passionate intimacy. That’s why it’s a good idea to choose a romantic and intimate spot for the two of you to be alone together. It might be your bedroom, a hotel room, or another private space with dim lighting, candles and soft music to set the mood. It’s also important to remove any distractions, such as phones or other people in the room.

He takes his time

Slowing down and taking your time can make a big difference in how much you enjoy the act of making love. When your partner makes you take your time and goes slowly, it shows that he’s enjoying it and is thinking of you. He may take longer to kiss you or explore different areas of your body that are pleasurable for you. He might even take his time to give you a good blow job.

He lingers afterward

When you’re both done in bed, he takes his time to get out of the sex position and wraps his arms around you. He might even hold you close to him and kiss you tenderly.

He is respectful

Making love requires trust and respect between partners. A man who is respectful of your boundaries and doesn’t force you into a position that makes you uncomfortable is making love in the true sense of the word. He may also show this by complimenting you or praising your other qualities outside of sex.

If he pays attention to your needs, he is truly making love. You might notice that he moves a pillow away from you or remembers positions that were pleasurable for you. He might also be more attentive to your needs during sex, such as asking you if the pressure is too much or if you’re in pain. He will also be more respectful of your sexual preferences and respect your boundaries.